DIY Window Chime

DIY Window Chime - student project


With Just 2 days left to challenge, I am too excited to start this project. I am looking to venture into something new quite a long time now and this is amazing. I would like all the feedback I can get from you guys to keep going. 

Class Title and Description

DIY Window Chime: Simple to Complex

Window Chime is a classic piece of Craft that is generally made from wood or metal. We hang them on our windows as a decor as it swirls, glistens and moves in the sun and the wind.

Do you know that it is considered as a lucky charm in many cultures and It is believed to keep negativity away and spread positivity in few other cultures?

This class is a DIY to make a window chime making using only a very few materials. You do not require any special skill set to follow the class. All you need is the zeal and the enthusiasm to DIY

Project Title and Description:

I am looking forward to what you guys are going to make. Use your creativity to choose the shape that you need to Print. You can choose from simple geometric shapes to complex figures. Make use of the templates that I am offering to print them if you like them and the links I have given for free patterns available. 

Use the ribbon/thread and beads available at your home to compose what you want the final look of your Window chime to be. Always think in your style and how you would like it to be. This class is just a basic as to how to put together different elements into one. You can add materials that may interest you as well to make it more grand. 

I am very eager to look into how your final pieces are gonna look like. Dive in guys :) 

Will keep you guys posted on the progress.

Neha Th
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