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DIY Video Light Leaks: Create & Customize Your Own

MARCH 15th, 2016

I just published my course 2 days ago.

DIY Video Light Leaks: Create & Customize Your Own

This is my 3rd course on Skillshare, and I have a following of 480 students. I hit 10 enrollments over the first night without any marketing, which was nice. I'm currently working on creating my website and social media outlets for my business, so hopefully that will lay the foundation for my audience to grow from there. 

I am about to send out some direct emails to family and friends to check out my course. To be honest I'm hoping to build up enough of a following to where I don't need to do this for every course, since a lot of my family and friends have absolutely no interest in video production, which is what I teach. The one review I gained was from a friend as well. No organic reviews just yet.

I created a promo video which I posted to my personal Instagram and added various hashtags. It's been gaining attention, but I don't think any actual conversions. My link on the post doesn't seem to be clickable. I'm going to work on a Youtube video and see how that works out. Again I need to create separate social media accounts to market myself as a teacher which all work in conjunction with my website branding. I'll update more as I gain enrollments.


MARCH 17TH, 2016

Send out 5-10 direct emails to family and friends, which helped me hit my first milestone. 

I've decided to not email all family and friends, but to create an email list of only friends interested in video production. I don't want to pester everyone for favors. :)



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