DIY Shoe Lace (Or Rope) Bangle Bracelet


I bought foam core boards and truly see the difference in my photos. I think it shows in the step by step photos, that have far less disturbing shadows. I didn't have time to re-shoot my initial project so I'm showing a new one, in which I tried to implement what I learned from the course.

DIY Shoe Lace Bracelet

As far as excitement goes, I got a little crazy when I found a bottle of fabric stiffener I had forgotten about. After making a twine ring (two ways) and a simple ribbon bow necklace, I expanded my range of fabric-stiffened jewelry pieces with a shoe lace bracelet. You could use rope instead of shoe laces just as well. It's a quick and easy project, with a surprisingly stylish result!

DIY Shoe Lace Bracelet


  • Fabric stiffener
  • Bowl or plate
  • Shoe laces or rope
  • Metallic spray paint
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Round object (such as a glass) with a circumference slightly larger than your wrist

DIY Shoe Lace Bracelet

1. I used a pair of shoe laces. If you're using rope, you will need two strands. Glue them together with super glue. 

2. Find a round object (I used a glass) that has a circumference slightly larger than your wrist. A good way to find the right object is to use one of your bracelets or bangles and try it on various glasses (or other tubular objects) until you find one that fits.

3. Twist rope on about 3 inches (better too long than too short!). Wrap the rope around the glass and mark the end point with your finger. Glue the strands together at the end point that your finger is holding.

4. Trim both ends of the rope with scissors, then glue the ends together.

5. Pour fabric stiffener into a bowl or plate, and submerge the bracelet in it. Then remove the bracelet and remove excess. Place the bracelet around the glass and let dry (mine took about 8 hours).

6. Spray paint in gold (or any color you fancy). Let dry.

Optional: once it's dry, you can add a layer of acrylic varnish to protect the paint.

7. That's it! Wear your new bangle proudly.

DIY Shoe Lace Bracelet

DIY Shoe Lace Bracelet

DIY Shoe Lace Bracelet

DIY Shoe Lace Bracelet


Thanks to your feedback, I decided to remove the circle button/caption and went for something simpler. I think it's better, although I'm still unsure about the label/caption I used. Maybe I should just write the text directly on the photo? I'm also done with the writing. I kept it short and simple. I posted it on my blog, which explains the reference to an old blog post at the beginning of the tutorial.

The very first tutorial I published here, over two years ago, was a DIY leather bow bracelet. It looks like my love for leather bow accessories and easy & quick DIY projects hasn't changed!

I used vegan leather but genuine leather would work just as well. Scraps work great for this project, as you only need a small piece. However, the leather needs to be quite thin and supple- otherwise, knotting will require an herculean strength.


  • Small piece of leather, at least 6 1/2" x 2" (17cm x 5cm)
  • Sharp scissors
  • Hair tie
  • Pen or pencil
  • Free printable pattern. Click here to open it. 

Print and cut the pattern. Trace it onto your piece of leather, and cut out. Add the hair tie and knot. That's it! 5 minutes tops, and you're ready to wear your new bow proudly.

I decided to challenge myself and take a picture of myself with the bow. It's been hard. I'm so uncomfortable with selfies- please be indulgent! 


I used both the "MacGyver" and the "Dump it out" approaches to come up with the idea. I have lots of leather scraps and wanted to find a DIY idea that would use them in some way. I also wanted to work around the theme of fashion / accessories, as it's in line with my readers' interests (target audience).  After listing everything that came to mind, I came up with the simplest idea: a knotted leather bow hair tie.

I have taken all the photos already, but I think they're far from being perfect. They are a bit over-exposed but they seem dull if reduce the exposure. I'll have to keep playing around with lightroom. I also really need to buy foam core boards, but they're not easy to find where I live. I'll keep searching. I took both vertical and horizontal photos, and decided to make a collage of the steps like Brittni suggested. I had never done that, but I really like it!

I now need to write the tutorial. The intro and outro are the hardest part for me. 

I also wanted to ask if anyone had feedback on the caption on the first photo. I'm not sure if it's okay or distracting/ugly/too girly. Would love to know what you think.


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