DIY Personalized Wedding Gifts - Etched Glass


Using a Cricut craft cutting machine (or Silhouette or alternative), we will create beautiful and personalized glass gifts for your parents or bridal party! People cherish hand-made gifts because they show the recipient that you didn't just spend 5 minutes in a store, you put *time* into their gift. 

Learn to create a professional looking gift that won't break the bank in this class. 


Choose any glass surface to complete your "etching" such as:

  • wine or liquor bottle
  • vase
  • frame or shadowbox

and follow me as we learn how to create a beautiful customized gift that your recipient will cherish. Fun ways to personalize your item can include:

  • names
  • dates of importance (wedding, birthday, anniversary)
  • images of significance to the two of you
  • icons that match your theme
  • photos (advanced class)

***please note that the photos are BAD - they're just the ones I had on my phone, and will be updated! 




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