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DIY Mail Merged Photo Announcement Postcard

I thought I would teach a class on how to create a mail merged document in InDesign. It's something that is really useful is so many different ways.  Just think how easy the next holiday season is going to be!

Here is a link to my outline:

Here is my intro video. I am probably going to do it again this weekend with a light and a different example as that postcard was a template from Wedding Party Divas. I realized that I didn't have another example that didn't have someone's private info on it, so I will have to make something.

I had some trouble with my screencasting software and had to find a new one. I was using Jing at the recommendation of Adobe, but for some reason when I was recording it wouldn't let me do any click and drag functions in the Adobe CC suite. I'm working with the developers to figure out what the issue is, but it may have been a blessing in disquise because I switched to Screencast-O-Matic and it is alot better. It allows me to record 15 minutes of footage where Jing would only allow 5. 

I recorded my first lesson which is a quick introduction to InDesign. My goal was 10 minutes, but I got 23 minutes of footage, and don't know that I'll be able to cut much out. 

I think I need to split my class into two. One that is a straight introduction to InDesign where students create a postcard. The postcard is a great example to work with because it allows me to cover alot of the great properties of InDesign. I expect the class to still be close to 40 minutes. 

The second class will be the mail merge and excel tips portion. 

When I was in university my printmaking class participated in a postcard exchange where we all had to produce a set number of postcards and we sent them to a central organizer who was collecting the same number from other students and artists around the continent. For every postcard you submitted you got the same number of unique postcards back from other artists. 

I was thinking that would be a great thing to do if I were ever lucky enough to have my classes become a month long challenge.


 Last night they would get to 100% and have an error. Then we managed to get them in at one point today, only to come back and find that they had disappeared. Now they're sitting at 100 and I still can't navigate away from the page to enter my project. HELP! Hahaha. 


Everything is done except my videos won't save.

Published it, and then was able to upload the videos easily. 

Into to InDesign


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