DIY Lighting: Build a Brass Wall Sconce

DIY Lighting: Build a Brass Wall Sconce - student project

My class was published on Sept 29th, and I had been posting my milestones to the September Teach Challenge Community Board. I am just realizing that to be eligible for the New Teacher Payment, I had to create a class in this space, so I am doing so after the fact.

Class Description: In this quick and easy 10-minute class, expert home DIY'er, Erin Francois, shares how to build on-trend, modern sconce lighting for less than 1/2 the cost of expensive pre-made fixtures. Her step-by-step instructions, detailed source list, and inviting approach make this the perfect class for DIY veterans and novices alike. If you've been wanting to learn the basics of building lighting, now is the time to dive in head first!

Here was my teacher outline:

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Erin Francois
Expert Home DIY'er