DIY Jewelry: Make a Simple Link Bracelet

DIY Jewelry: Make a Simple Link Bracelet - student project

PUBLISHED! Here is my DIY Link Bracelet class :)

Here is my course outline

Class Title: DIY Jewelry: Make a Simple Link Bracelet

Project Title: Create a Beautiful Wire Link Bracelet with your Favorite Beads!

Project Description: 


Gather your materials. (Supply list is attached below. See Lesson 1 for an explanation of your tools and supplies!)


Before you get started, share photos of the beads and wire you’ve chosen. See what gorgeous color combos you can come up with!


Create a finished bracelet using wire and your favorite beads, connected together with a simple wire link chain.

Practice making loops and links that are uniform and nice and round, then link them together to form a chain. Then just attach a clasp to make a finished bracelet or necklace!


Upload a photo of your finished pieces - I can't wait to see what kind of beads and colors you're using!

A finished project includes:

  • uniform, round loops
  • properly closed beaded links
  • attached clasp
  • can be a bracelet or a necklace
Jessica Barst
Jewelry Designer + Instructor @ JewelryTutorialHQ