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DIY: How & Why I replaced my own watch battery (also Posted within Instagram)

I finally got my watch batteries from Amazon, which turned out to be a better way of going at it than having a warranty & having to go back to Kings Plaza's small shop that specializes in watches.

For a time, last 2 installs of batteries, my watch had issues; the battery would die too soon (must've been a used battery for me to come back to them for service). I asked during my last service if I was able I replace the battery myself& was told "it's a specialized water resistant watch" & they had the tools for it. After the death of that battery, I decided get at it myself. I started with taking the watch apart to find out what type of battery to order. Finding that out, there were many parts (as you can see) so I put most of the inside, & screws, in a wrapping case for safe storage.

I actually wore the watch as an empty shell for a few days. It was actually cool to not know what time it was, seriously. I even jogged with it on & there was steam inside the empty watch.

Anyway, I finally received the package pf batteries & popped one in. It took a few tries to get it back together (one out of 4 button was not functioning, so I had to screw it open a few times. Once everything was put back together properly, I tested it for a while (setting the time & checking the light). All functions worked & my watches luminous light was brighter than ever before. Knowing that this current battery will last for a great while, it will go to the test as I set my timer(s); some in repeat mode for certain exercise routines.

Moral to self, if I'm able to take apart various computers (both Mac & PC, various other gadgets, & previously working at a popular electronics company (putting together parts from start to finish), everything else, to me is a piece of cake once I take my "time" with it.

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