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DIY Home Decor: Create Ombre Watercolor Napkins

Milestone 1: Class Draft - Completed


Milestone 2: Class Topic and Project:

My class topic: DIY Home Decor: Create Ombre Watercolor Napkins


Are you one to host parties and have fun get togethers?  Or maybe you host the annual holiday dinner. Either way, today's class will show you how to create your own watercolor ombre napkins in custom colors to fit your theme.  

I'll take you through the process from beginning to end so that you're ready to celebrate in style and leaving guests to wonder where you bought such amazing napkins.  They really are a unique and functional piece to add to the dinner table surrounded by friends and family. 

In this class you will learn: 

  • How to create watercolor ombre napkins.

  • How to fade color when using watercolor paints.

  • Easiest way to paint on napkins using watercolor.

So go ahead and grab your favorite watercolors and a few other supplies to get started. You're bound to love this class and the few quick steps to create ombre napkins with amazing results. Imagine what else you will be able to create with fabric and watercolor paints! 


Create your own Ombre Watercolor Napkins


Apply the method of painting I taught you in the class today to create your own set of ombre watercolor napkins.  Use the same colors or mix it up to match the color scheme of your choice. There are so many amazing color combos to choose from!

Remember, it's just paint and water!  Don't be afraid to dive right in for amazing results.  You'll have napkins to display on your table in no time.


Step 1: Wash your cotton napkins and iron.  This is such an important step that you can’t skip.  Without doing this, the paint will take on the wrinkled pattern rather then have a clean look.

Step 2:  Soak each napkin in water and twist out the excess water.  You’ll want your napkins damp for this project.

Step 3: Cut a piece of wax paper bigger than your napkin and place on a flat surface.  Place your napkin on top of the wax paper.

Step 4: Fill one plastic cup with water and squirt a quarter size amount of fabric paint into the other plastic cup.  Start by pouring a small amount of water into the paint cup and mix.  I poured about 1/2 an inch of water to begin with.

Step 5: Dip the paintbrush into the diluted paint and apply on the bottom of the damp napkin across the width and 2 inches up the napkin.

Step 6: You’ll repeat step 5, but each time you do, you’ll add a little more water to the paint cup.   This will create the ombré look due to the paint color fading as you work up the napkin.  Stop once you paint halfway up the napkin.

Step 7: Repeat for each color/napkin.  Tip: I painted all my pink ombré napkins first, rinsed out my paint cup, and continued with the other colors.

Step 8: Allow your napkins to dry overnight.  Once they are fully dry, seal the paint by ironing each napkin.


Get to snapping! I absolutely can't wait to see what you create with your ombre watercolor napkins. The images of your project will also be an inspiration to others taking the class. 

I would love to see photos of the following as you move through the class:

  • Before and after photos of your napkins
  • Your color scheme
  • Napkins placed on the table for your guests
  • Your final napkin design


Need images to help you with a part of the project?  Here's a link to my blog to do just that! 



Check out my Pinterest board, Smitten for Color Schemes, for additional color ideas for your napkins: 



Milestone 3: Outline



Milestone 4: Introduction Video - FIRST ATTEMPT - See final video after this one


Milestone 5/6: Editing Process - Introduction Video re-do

Milestone 7: Publish Class

Here's the link to my published class! Yay! What an amazing month it has been!



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