DIY Holiday Cards

I had so much fun brainstorming and making my card, I actually ended up making a few more! First, I made a sketch of how I wanted my card to look. I bought construction paper, red blank cards with white envelopes at AC Moore along with adhesive foam squares. I also bought light gold embroidery thread and large needles from Michael's. I had white acrylic paint, chalkboard paint, and paintbrushes around the house from previous projects. 

For all of the cards, I drew a 3 1/2 in by 4 in border with a pencil on the front and filled it in with chalkboard paint. After letting the first card dry overnight, I used a fine paintbrush and white paint for the writing. I covered any small mistakes in the wording with more chalkboard paint and another small brush (I learned not to do too many curlicues after the end of the word "Merry" the hard way... Ha!). In the remaining red space, I sketched "stitches" in a starburst shape. Then I stitched the starburst using the gold embroidery thread. I actually plan on adding a few small rhinestones under the word "Be"... to create a mini Christmas tree (maybe?).

For the other two cards, I gathered newspaper and cut out two Christmas tree shapes. Using a hole punch and a sheet of green construction paper, I made ornaments for each tree and glued them down. I placed the foam squares on the back of the trees and put them on the black space. Then I wrote the wording on my cards in white paint (two variations) and stitched starbursts in the extra red space. I may later add small rhinestones to this one as well to create a snow effect around the trees. Et voila! :-)


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