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DIY - Easy Handmade: How To Make Amazing Realistic Paper ROSES!

Project Description:

In this class, I will show you:

- How to make amazing realistic paper roses with your own hands fast and easily
- You will learn how to create a handmade article beginning with the pattern to the finished result
- I will also show you my handiwork secrets
- No Any Special Knowledge or Skills are required

Materials to use:

- Crepe paper of three different colors (orange, yellow - for petals, green - for leaves and stalk)
- Wooden skewer for the stalk
- Toothpick
- Thread of any color
- Pencil and scissors
- Liquid glue

Class Outline:

My Skillshare Class Outline

Introduction Video:  


Final Class Published: 


- Just follow the Step-by-Step instructions in the Video and see your result.

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