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DIY Digital Display

For this project I will be building a picture box with souvenirs and images from my Las Vegas vacation.  I will be using an Arduino Nano to electronically display the images in a small picture box.  Many of the items I will be using to decorate the box I have laying around the house so it will be an amazingly cheap display as the Arduino Nano is a clone that I purchased for under $10. Along with the small breadboard, wires and TFT display and SD Card, the total of the project for me was around $25.00. However you will need a soldering iron for some of the steps in the class. I will also provide links to where you can get the items for the class as we go along.  Also, see my Electronic Display Case Course Intro on YouTube 

I will be updating this project often with images and steps to help you along the process of building this display. Please don't hesitate to contact me if anything is unclear or needs more explanation in the steps

From taking this course you can expect to learn the following:

  • b9b9400b  Basic Soldering Techniques


  • 6e3ef04d How to wire a simple LED


  • 68746af0 How to program your Arduino Board


Overview of Project

This project is a good introduction to electronics using the Arduino Open Source platform.  To build this display, we will be introducing the Arduino Nano ATMEGA328 board and the 1.8" TFT Color Display.  You may need to do a little soldering to wire the color display. 





  1. Arduino Nano ATMEGA 328
  2. Small Breadboard (included in the Electronics Parts Kit)
  3. LEDs (optional) - I used a LED to decorate my display but it is not requird 
  4. TFT 1.8 Inch Display
  5.  LEDs (optional) - I used a LED to decorate my display but it is not required
  6. TFT 1.8 Inch Display
  7. SD Card (size large enough to hold all of the images you wish to displa


Wiring the Display

When you purchase the TFT display, the header pins for the SD card may not be soldered, so you will need to solder the female header pins to the top of the display.   You can find some low cost female header pins on Amazon. 

Below is the wiring chart for the SD pins of the  TFT display

SD Pin   Nano Pin

SD_CS     D4





Below is the wiring chart for the display pins:

SD Pin   Nano Pin

LED        3.3V

SCK       D13

SD         D11

AO         D8


CS         D10


VCC      +5v



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