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DIY Diaper Cake - Awesome Baby Show Gift!


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Finished project stills.

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1 min.

Hi, I’m Leslie Panfil and I am a long time craft blogger and I am going to show you how to make a diaper cake. This customizable gift makes the perfect baby shower gift. Best of all it is quick, easy and fun to make.  In this class I will show you the basic construction, how to decorate your creation including making baby wash cloth roses. So, join me in this exclusive Skillshare offering.


Table top shot

2 min

  1. Plate (This one is plastic and I purchased it at the Dollar Store)
  2. Cardboard Roll (You can use a paper towel roll. This one happens to be from a roll of aluminum foil which is a little more sturdy.)
  3. An exacto blade.
  4. Hot Glue Gun/Glue
  5. Small Elastic Bands
  6. Curling ribbon
  7. Scissors
  8. Glue Dots (optional)
  9. Wide Ribbon (I am using 1 ½”
  10. Narrow Ribbon (optional I am using 5/8”)
  11. Diapers (# will vary I used . . . .)

Basic Constuction

Physical Demo

5 min

  1. It you are planning at attach something to the top of your cake, take an exacto blade and make a small hole on each side of your cardboard tube.
  2. Hot Glue the cardboard tube to the plate.
  3. Note – There will be a front and a back to your cake. The back will hide the ends of your ribbon.
  4. Be sure the holes you made in the paper towel roll face the sides of the cake. This will be important when you add the cake topper.
  5. Fold your diapers into individual rolls and secure with an elastic band.
  6. Make concentric circles until the base is the desired size.
  7. You will wrestle a little with getting them to stand upright.
  8. Put a glue dot on the ribbon and secure (you can use hot glue if you prefer but be sure not to glue the diapers.
  9. Repeat for the next two tiers making each tier smaller.




Table Top Shot

2 min

Items that make great decorating items


Stuffed animals

Baby shampoo, soap


Small toys (bath toys)

In the next video I will show you how to make roses from baby wash cloths  

You will need baby wash cloths and 28 gage wire.

You will need 10 inches of wire for each wash cloth

Wash Cloth




3 min

Take your wash cloth and fold in half.

Bring the corner down to the base

Roll the wash cloth tightly

Tuck the wire end into the wash cloth and wrap the wire around the base.

Leave about 4 inches of wire to attach to the cake.






2 min

Add your decorations to your cake

I prefer to use glue dots but if you use hot glue, be sure that you glue to the ribbon and not the diapers.

To attach larger items use monofilament thread and attach to the holes create in your tube.  


Project Description

Provide an quick overview of the assignment. Feel free to list out steps, tips, additional resources, or anything else that will help students successfully do the project and upload their work to your class’s Project Gallery.

You will make a multi-tier diaper cake ideal for baby showers or a gift for that mom-to-be.




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