DIY Decorative Book Garland

DIY Decorative Book Garland - student project

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DIY Decorative Book Garland - image 1 - student project

There are so many things to decorate for like the fast approaching holiday season, weddings, birthday parties, bridal showers, baby showers and the list goes on and on. I wanted to create a DIY garland that you can make and reuse for every single event by just changing the colors. So my decorative book garland actually includes two steps: First creating the decorative book pieces then creating the tissue paper poofs that you can change out depending on the event.


  • book
  • scissors
  • all purpose glue
  • circle cutter (can be found in the scrapbooking section of craft stores)
  • waxed thread (gives more strength than regular thread)
  • tissue paper in your color choice
  • regular string

Creating the book pieces:

First we are going to create the decorative book pieces for the garland. Start off with your book and tear out some pages and lay them flat. Next adjust your circle cutter to the size you want (I created seven inch circles) and start cutting. Once you have a lot of circles cut, start folding them in half to create a taco like shape. Outline one of the taco shape's side with glue and then align another taco shape to it. This will glue the two together but helps conserve glue. Add one more taco shape so that you have three together to create a pod. 

Once your pods have dried then take three pods and glue them together in the same way. Make sure to leave one side open though so you can put it on the string. Since we are wanting to constantly change our garland we want to make sure it isn't actually glued to the string. You can do this by glueing the sides together of the last open sides of the pod but keep the string next to the grove area so it doesn't touch the glue. Let the pods dry and you can even make sure they aren't drying to the string by constantly moving them around. 

DIY Decorative Book Garland - image 2 - student project

You can actually leave your garland with only the book pieces if you want. I have one garland over my fireplace that is only the old book pieces.

DIY Decorative Book Garland - image 3 - student project

DIY Decorative Book Garland - image 4 - student project

DIY Decorative Book Garland - image 5 - student project

The great part in adding tissue paper pieces though is that you can change them up for different events. I decided to use a red tissue paper for Christmas but you can choose whatever color you would like.

Creating the tissue paper poof pieces:

Start off with five sheets of tissue paper and cut it in half. Then fold in half again and cut again. My tissue paper size ended up being 20 inches long by 5 inches width. Next start folding it like an accordian in two inch increments. Once you have it completely folded, tie it off with a string. I cut my two edges as a semi-circle to make it more feminine but you can cut it like a triangle or decide to not cut it at all.

Start by taking one side of the tissue paper and gently pulling it to the center piece by piece. Don't worry if you accidently tear some of the tissue paper because once it is all poofed up you most likely won't notice it. Continue pulling the tissue paper apart and towards the center till you have one side finished. Then repeat the same steps for the other side. When you are finished you should have a nice full tissue poof. Finally take the wax thread and thread it underneath the tissue poof's string so that it is now on the garland. If you have already assembled the book garland you will want to take them off and alternate threading the book and tissue pieces through the string to create your garland.

DIY Decorative Book Garland - image 6 - student project

DIY Decorative Book Garland - image 7 - student project

DIY Decorative Book Garland - image 8 - student project

This garland lays perfectly flat against the wall and is ready for any event. You could even do a couple strands of it to complement any wedding or party photobooth backdrop!

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