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DIY: Decorating a Cake with Fresh Flowers.

Hey guys! So, I did two projects after I finished the class, one about cat coasters and this one that I liked better! :)

Actually, this one I did because my blog turned two years old, so I felt like doing a DIY to celebrate. And a birthday celebration needs a cake, right? 

The full DIY (in portuguese) is avaiable on my blog, but I will translate it here just for you!

Let's start! Hope you enjoy it!

Today is a big day for the blog. 2 years old! Although I've been away for a while, I feel that we are stronger than never! I would like to thank everybody that are a part of it, readers, friends and especially partners that believed in me. This is THE year. Hope you enjoy the new version of the blog.

And to celebrate, how about a DIY? This is a birthday cake decorated with fresh flowers. You can do it for a party, a celebration or just because! The hardest thing to do will be to destroy this beautiful cake to eat! I tell you this, because its still resting in my fridge! I can't do it! :p

  • NEED: To start, you're going to need a cake (for real?), tiny pieces of foil paper and flowers. You can choose any flowers you want, it's up to you.
  • HOW TO: The first step is optional. I don't mind putting a flower inside the cake without a protection, but if you don't like the ideia of it, just wrap a tiny piece of foil paper around the steam of the flower. Then, it's the haaaaardest part of the DIY: putting the flowers inside the cake! Hard isn't it? Just place it the way you like. I mixed the colors to look very very colorful and fun.

And that's it! I would like to thank Brittni for the opportunity and as well for sharing her amazing skills with us. I learned a lot and I will use it in my future, for sure.

Please, leave me your feedback, it's really important for me. 

Oh, and you can see here the other DIY that I did based on this class:

Thank you very much, everybody!


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