DIY Adult Hula Hoops

This class will teach you how to make your own professional grade, adult hula hoops! DIY adult hula hoops are inexpensive and much better than the dinky children's hoops found in the national chain stores. 

Hula hooping and "hoop dancing" are making a comeback and can be used to fitness, family fun, or even a personal meditative practice. This class is perfect for someone who wants to DIY their own single custom hoop for personal use either for exercise or creative expression. (Dance!)

Students will also learn how to  purchase supplies and make hula hoops in multiples for resale. 
Class will cover the history of the hula hoop, what aspects make a good adult hula hoop, where to purchase supplies, and you will make a one of a kind hula hoop or hoops of your own!

Here is my outline!


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