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Martha Dixon

50 Foot Woman Attacks!




My last name is really my Husbands...

I have been playing around with a logo for the Dixon name for a personal project, but after signing up for this it just hit me. How many people have an "x" in the middle of their name and can use it for imagery as well.

For the extension:

His Papa sold beer during prohibition as "Dixon Beer" and since I home-brew - I thought this was appropriate.

It is a Scottish/English name that is all special, so I have the X in there for the Scottish flag.

Other than that my family likes the universe and stars, we got a cute dog named nova, and we all sit at computers all day.

In the end, I did what I wanted to do ( That doesn't happen very often, right!).

Oh and in the words of Jason Nesmith - "Never Give Up, Never Surrender"

I actually think the clean with no symbols is best.


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