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Obs. I was done and uploaded the project the 30th of april but I updated the 1st of may to try and fix the cover picture that doesn't appear on the gallery!  D:<

The words that I used, chosen at random, are dialogue and road.

The most difficult thing for me was to be able to leave the two original words behind to leave space for new ideas and associations. I understood that those two words were only a starting point to get us going but I found myself constantly trying to verifiy that every idea made sense with those two words, which is not the aim of this exercise.


The final idea comes from the common function of road and dialogue as a connection between two parties, physical places for the road and people for the dialogue. So for the lack of a better idea i wanted to go for two human shaped mountains connected by a road. At the end I awkwardly put some of the ideas together. I also included the pattern of the road and the fact that a road molds itself to the landscape. I added a little car in it to make it more dynamic.

I didn't really spend time sketching the composition and just went straight into drawing some shapes with black gouache and a big brush. I knew I wanted some clouds, a pattern for the mountains, the road, which I made with ink and nib and the little car and the moon. I thought it would all come smoothly together digitally (how naive of me). I am a complete idiot with photoshop or the generic version that I used instead so it was a very frustrating and painful time and I really really hope I made it for the deadline.




After many hours and layers and bouts of madness this is the final result. (For some reason I couldn't upload it directly so I had to put it on tumblr)


And of course, thank you Roman for those videos. I really like your work (your zines are awesome!) and the way you talk about it and your process is really inspiring. I find it comforting when i have a "why the heck is doing stupid drawings so important for me" kind of crisis.


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