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DI - VI - NO

I select the word DIVINO, which is a spanish word meaning divine. I use it a lot in my family chats, whenever I see photos of my four year old nephew or the family dogs


>>> Sketches
I started drawing my word, and then I realized that the most important thing I wanted to reflect is how we say it: when we like something very much, and it is really cute or perfect, we say the word divided in its three syllables, to make some emphasis.


>>> Final Sketch
I like the horizontal allingment rather than vertical one and I think that the one that is divided by stars is more appropriate for expressing the reaction I want. Also the stars give the word that feeling of cellestial that is also perfect for it.


>>>Drawing the frames


>>> And here is my final GIF


Thank you Mete! Is the first time I make a GIF and hopefully not the last one. I enjoyed the class and I learned really helpfull tools that I'll be using in many different projects.

Here is my GIF with some modifications on the background filter and movement. And also in the timing of frames.



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