DEZ:OMO Design News for Media and Business

DEZ:OMO Brand News for Media and Business is a free online news hub for the Australian creative services sector, brand owners, design buyers, and importantly the media. It is a quality resource for the Australian industry and about the industry that records news, past and present. It is not a design magazine.

DEZ:OMO has a healthy respect for the news of the day but also recognises that work that has already launched retains interest value not only to the industry, but importantly to design buyers.

The launch of DEZ:OMO is a response to the real marketing communications challenges faced by the majority of companies in the Australian branding and design industry. Effective implementation of communications and PR demands skills and resources. Both are scarce across the industry resulting in critically under-exposed branding and design talent and a generally uninformed and sometimes disinterested media.

DEZ:OMO is a proactive and dedicated communications site created primarily for the industry to grow its share of voice among the complex landscape of visual communications providers in the branding space. The site is a place for the media to go to research stories and it is a research resource to assist design buyers to find potential creative partners. Hopefully, these two benefits alone will lead to a stronger, more cohesive industry that is better understood by both the business sector and the media. As a free marketing resource,  DEZ:OMO is the missing link in the research process for both media and design buyers.

How does it work? Use DEZ:OMO as above or use it as a PR channel. Branding and design companies are invited to submit news by uploading their press releases or by submitting raw copy along with relevant images. Your story will be edited as necessary for integrity and editorial neutrality before publication. DEZ:OMO is not bound by editorial schedules and copy deadlines so your story will never be sabotaged by other editorial – this would defeat its purpose.

All new stories will appear on the front/home page with a feature picture and, just like all online news, is then archived by category keywords.  The site has SEO capabilities built into its functionality, so we are hoping search rankings will be strong. We’ll be keeping our eye on this end of things fairly closely to ensure DEZ:OMO lives up to our expectations and yours.

DEZ:OMO offers three key menus for search as well as a search bar. The drop down Discipline menu allows navigation by specific design and branding disciplines; the Sector drop down menu searches by industry, or you can search work by brand and design company name. If you’re a design buyer looking to invite companies to pitch, you may be interested in design work created and produced from your industry. Or perhaps you’re a journalist researching a story and you need case studies and spokespeople.

DEZ:OMO acknowledges and respects that in the era of collaboration and knowledge sharing, transparency and adding value to business relationships are all important. DEZ:OMO is a product created out of sheer belief in the industry and a passion for the process and positive impact of strategic brand communications.

In timewe plan to support the site with issues editorial from industry heavy weights, brands, design buyers and other stakeholders. Knowing what’s going on in your industry, learning from your peers and being open to networking, collaborating and learning are industry behaviours we hope DEZ:OMO encourages.

We hope you find the site relevant, valuable and informative.

Here's some more screen grabs of the project which I hope will go live by the end of this week. It's a soft launch which will be accompanied with a press release to be issued to marketing and design press in about two weeks. 


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