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Eugenie Hadinoto

Graphic Designer, Teacher




My collection is inspired from the Palampore patterns of the 18th century. I really love their colors and their designs. The collection name „Flora“ might sound quite general, but I haven´t found a better name yet. I will copy the flowers from the book „Decorative Flower and Leaf Designs“ by Richard Hofmann. My pattern designs are normally very clean and geometric and I usually construct my patterns rather than to trace sketches, because I don´t like uneven curves. (I´m not sure if uneven is the right word, in german it would be: „nicht perfekte Kurven“). So this will be a new experience and a challenge for me. Another challenge will be the repeat. I normally use block repeats, half drop or brick repeats, because they go well with my geometric patterns. For this project I would like to create at least one allover pattern and one non directional pattern.

This is the book, I mentioned above. It contains 124 great flower illustrations and is a great source for inspiration. 


Some of the Palampore patterns that inspired me.


This board shows my color palette. I have already applied it to some flowers, but I´m not really content yet. I´ll have to keep on working on this one.


Here my love for construction becomes quite obvious ...


... and two hours later I managed to complete the first flower ... yess :)


I worked on the colors ... and I am not sure, wether the flower looks better with shading or without. Hmmm ... In the meanwhile I have found a perfect name for the collection: »DEWI´S GARDEN«. I´ll explain it later. Sooooo sad, not even one person likes my project. Maybe it´s because I haven´t designed the flowers by myself. That´s because I would like to focus on the bezier curves, colors and repeat. And I only have a limited amount of time for the project. Sorry :|


The repeat was quite a work ...


My final collection


... and larger images. There are still some mistakes in the patterns (created them all in one night ...) ... I´ll correct them in the next weeks. 


Made two new colour variations, that would be easier to sell ;) ...

... and applied them on mock ups:


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