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DESIGNWAVE...pillows of artistry and imagination

I am an interior designer that channels her creativity into designing decorative pillow collections that I sell to NYC boutique hotels, through e-commerce sites, and to individual interior design customers.

I am under contract with two factories that produce my work.  I work closely with these operations to maintain the production quality that is paramount to my design which allows me to sell at a higher price point.  It is absolutely vital to my operation that I can brainstorm with the seamstresses that actually sew my product as these are the talented people that help me create truly one of a kind accent pillows.

I also have a small design studio that is packed with hundreds of fabrics and trims that become the basis for my designs.

I make myself available to my customer 7 days a week, pay particular attention to their deadlines, and in many cases hand deliver the product to the site.  Customer services is my #1 product.

The most challenging parts are constantly trying to identify trends within the industry, find exceptional products, and delivery a product on time.

DesignWave’s tag line is “pillows of artistry and imagination” and we work exceptionally hard to live up to this statement.

We analyze our successes and failures and constantly seek ways to further educate ourselves.


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