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Larissa McCartney

Senior Art Director | Seattle, WA




I'm going to be completely honest - I signed up for this class to work on my drawing skills and to try my hand at a zine - poetry was more of an afterthought. However - we partake in the fine art of haikus at my house often, so that was style of poem I chose to use throughout. 

The story is about my puppy - Beefy. The sweetest and most amazing dog ever. Slight bias, I suppose. Anyway - she's the best. 

I spent about an hour total - learning the fold, drawing in pencil, writing the haikus and finalizing the images with pens and markers. I tried to move quick, since I often get caught up in my own second guessing. I'm actually pretty pleased with how it came out and will definately be doing more of these in my spare time! 


Title: DERP! A collection of Haikus about a much loved dog. 

Page 1 & 2: 


Page 3 & 4: 

Page 5 & 6: 

Back & Front Cover: 

Apologies for the dark pictures - they are lazy iPhone pics with no exposure adjustments done. It's Friday :/

Anyways- thanks for the assignment! 


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