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DECD - a clothing brand and lifestyle blog

PAST: I was 17 when I owned my first pair of women's jeans. Up until then my father made it a point to dress me as masculine as possible. I had earned the attention of my male classmates for what I felt were all the wrong reasons: I had the brightest pairs of Nike's, I rocked football jerseys, I always had on a dope graphic tee. After HS I began sewing for myself and struggled with building my personal style: would I have enough confidence to be girly after dressing lke a tomboy for so many years?

In 2008 I made my first capsule collection after booking a last minute trip to Miami and not having enough ends left over to shop for vacation gear. My favorite piece  from that collection was a short sleeved full zip hoodie I made from a Ecko Unltd. shirt I copped at a sample sale. 

Fast forward to 2010 - Im still trying to find myself as a designer I release a collection of plus-size leggings under the brand name Decadent Industries. I chose the name Decadent because it's litera meaning was 'over the top indugence' and I wanted the brand to present a new way of feeling and being luxurious. The leggings campaign went on to become a viral sensation among curvy bloggers across the globe. The other pieces to the collection are super contrived and forced. I kept looking at who other designers who I assumed were my peers and couldn't shake the feeling of coming up short. This was when I first started releasing the notion that plus-fashion was a niche I needed to stay pigeon holed in. In listening to myself I began to realize that I could be simultaneously be boyish and feminine. Size does not matter. Only style remains. Of all of the shoots I've done under Decadent, this is the one I'm most proud of because it's the most authentic imagery I've ever put out. 

PRESENT: This year I dismantled my super feminine brand Decadent Industries and chose to evolve into one more succinct, open and true to my original form. DECD is my empirical style: unisex, street and punchy. I went back to my first love: sneakers. Rekindling my love of collecting kicks brought out a side of me that had been dormant for so many years. The thrill of searching the shelves at the sneaker spot, finding the perfect threads to match, impatiently waiting for highly anticpated releases, the rush of trying on a new pair for the first time. The next was realizing that the culture of streetwear was a medium whose language I understood and that there was room in the culture for a girl who wanted to be a part of it. The final step was pulling an old hand drawn logo out of the archives and exploring the triple entendre of the word DECD:

  1. Abbrevation of 'Decadent'
  2. A slang term for fighting, more specificially, the act of getting punched in the face "damn, he got decked"
  3. A colloquialism for getting dressed "getting decked out" "decked to the nines"

I started a new site to serve as a blog and platform for me to document my evolving style and showcase items that find highly covetable. This winter I'll be releasing my first unisex collection of screen printed sweatshirts, embroidered snapbacks and funky leggings for girls. I'm not just looking forward to my rebranding; I'm exhilirated by the possbilities streetwear has to offer and I know this is just one step of many. 

FUTURE: My goal for this project is to go deeper into my branding and find ways to keep my brands core values and my passion as an artist aligned with my creations. I will always embrace the grittiness of NYC while maintianing my own essence of femininity. There aren't many women on the forefront of streetwear and sneaker culture but it doesn't mean we can't style just as hard as the guys. Style is style. Period. GET DECD!


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