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WARNING:  some of the Images contain Drug and Alcohol content, Gang and Gun Violence, Sexual content, Anti-political and Anti-religion views. 

Location: San Antonio, TX. and Central California 

Founders: Adrian Casillas, Patrick Gutierrez, Calvin Morse.

Slogan: Products of our environment 

Growing up in the south westside of San Antonio has played a huge influence in our work. Since gradeschool we have been surrounded by drug dealers, crooked cops, gang bangers, thieves, dope fiends, lowlives, con artists, and Deadbeats. we know more killers than people who have been killed. Its safe to say we are products of our environment. we are not some kind of "trying to make it out of the ghetto" type brand with some sob story to influence other sobs to like us. Our goal is to keep it real while glorifying and exposing some of the harsh realities that we have faced growing up. Gritty and filthy is what we aim for.

Influences: Ghetto Hood shit, UGK, Crime, Old school punk bands, brands like: HUF, Skate Mental, Flip, Baker Skateboards, Stussy, OLD Diamond Supply, Doom sayers, Lurk Hard, etc. 

Our Long run goal: is to open up a skateshop very close to where we grew up and host event whenever possible tp help build a strong skate community within San Antonio. As of right now we have been hosting tournaments at our local skateparks. This is a link to the video of our last tournament.


Twitter:  @deadbeatskate

Instagram: @deadbeatskate

UPDATE: 5-7 pieces collection 

This one might not make the winter line. something doesn't feel right about this one

Just some mock ups for the winter line we plan to drop in the next few months. 

Also I wanted to make this clear, DEADBEAT skateboards is based in Texas and Cali, we have no association with the deadbeat skateboards in the UK. and we just got approved for a trademark. just waiting on the process to finish. then deadbeat skateboards will be trademarked. 

If you notice each shirt has this circle logo

this logo is found behind the neck and on the pocket for some. each season i want to try to add a different back logo. to represent a different season,

lastly this one is my favorite. even though it doesn't really represent or glorify deadbeat. its still gritty and nasty. its more of a todd bratud influenced design. (TB does alot of graphic designing for skate mental, send help, girl skateboards, and alot of other skateboarding brands.)


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