DDOS Bicycles

DDOS Bicycles - student project

DDOS Bicycles is a fledgling company started by a friend of mine, specializing in single-speed and fixed-gear bicycles.  I want the shirts to reflect our minimalistic style, yet remain classy and easy on the eyes.  I want to incorporate the slogan "Own the road".  We haven't designed t-shirts as of yet, so here are some logo ideas.  DDOS Bicycles - image 1 - student project

New Sketch idea, anyone have ideas for adding depth to the design?  I want to make it more clear that this is for a bicycle company, anyone have an idea how to do that?

DDOS Bicycles - image 2 - student project

Here's my newest concept, I'm attempting to switch the normal feather look into gears.  I will need to play around with it more(should the gears be on the side of the wings, not the bottom?), but considering my experience, I'm happy with the progress.  The bottom section is still awkward, and I need to figure out how to deliver "Own the Road" without it just floating on the design.  Ideas for ways to integrate the typography with the design?

DDOS Bicycles - image 3 - student project