Danielle Comstock

Graphic Designer in Tampa, FL



DC Studios Inc | Graphic + Web Design Studio

Hello! I have 2 business on Instagram. My first is DC Studios Inc! I'm a Graphic and Web Designer in Tampa, FL. I've just recently started getting serious about Instagram (after I got a few clients from it - what?! awesome) and I truly want to do more. I'm working on getting my color theory and 'theme' down, so everything is consistent and beautiful and people want to engage. 

My Insta feed is https://www.instagram.com/dc.studios/


My second little startup biz is Hooray Paperie, https://www.instagram.com/hooraypaperie/ This is a passion project, I'm obsessed with stationery! It's a brighter, more fun side of what I love to do. I love designing wedding invitation suites, greeting cards, party invitations, you name it. It's a total startup so I haven't posted TOO much of my work yet, but just wanted to get it going for hype, especially when my website comes up in the Fall!



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