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DC After Dark

Greetings from DC!

We've had some wacky weather and up-and-down temps in the past week (bitter cold in the early and latter parts of the week mixed with crazy winds, heavy downpour, and a high of 70 on Tuesday and Wednesday) so, needless to say, it's been a challenge to get decent night shots. I took a few shots tonight (Saturday night) and hopefully will get to post more before the 8:30 Sunday deadline.

The first one I've posted (below) was actually taken a little over a month ago. I edited it and posted on Instagram this past Friday ( This photo was edited using the app Afterglow.

Currently, I shoot and edit exclusively with my iPhone.

This photo was shot this Saturday night just as it started to flurry in downtown DC. I just cropped and applied the PFX 10 filter using the Picfx app.

Two samples of night portraits shot with my iPhone4 and edited in Snapseed below:


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