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“Let yourself be drawn by the stronger pull of that which you truly love.” -Rumi


Our world belongs to those who are free to be themselves; to those who are as appreciative of their imperfections as they are of everything that makes them unrepeatable. Individuals unable to sell out on a dream because they know in their heart that it’s real; to those who understand the dance between what they love to do and the work ethic required to sustain it. And to think this is available to everyone but you is the world’s biggest lie.

 So do You All Year, every DYAY

Stay True, Keep Real, Do You.


When we closely look at the word DAY, in the negative space between the D and the A, subtly but undeniably, a Y emerges. In the same way, throughout our Days, full of naysayers and downers, You and your dreams and what you love and what you stand for and who you are, while perhaps unrecognized by the world at large, was always there, and now it’s clear. DYAY is the uniform of the dreamers, of the collaborators, of the visionaries…of the lovers of life. DYAY is a reminder to ourselves and to those around us that there are no more vital instructions in this life than to be who we are and to do what we love. Our differences are not reason to separate nor is time a reason to give up. Rather, our differences are what make the symphony of life work and our patience what allows us to become the best supportive players with the metaphorical instrument that we are given. Live and let live, and Do You All Year, Dyay after DAY.

The Indipendence DAY 

My ultimate vision is to create a brand that can be worn proudly by both a surfer and a basketball player, a guitar player and a rapper, a football player and a dancer, a runner and a DJ--the common denominator being heartfelt passion for what they do (Do You) and for their pursuit of greatness (All Year) in their respective field. Myself being someone with so many different interests and with insight into and appreciation for so many different aspects of culture and society, I’ve garnered an understanding that different interests amongst people are not right or are not wrong, but rather suit that particular person’s unique talents and abilities and natural tendencies—something of which we are each born with. DYAY is here to support our passions and our loves, and to remind each other that there is no reason to see differences where there is only a singular passion showing up in different ways, and that the patience needed to pursue them to their fullest should be respected and accepted.


Plans for the Future:

Again, I really look forward to creating a fashion line wearable by cross disciplines; skaters, runners, musicians, etc. Accessories are a must also, and on my website, I'm excited to launch "An Extra DAY" when the time comes. Another concept I'm excited about launching is our lounge wear line. The intricate road to success--to our dreams, to becoming--entails repetition, hard work, consistency, and of course, rest...and so further down the line, I'll be excited to launch "Recovery DAY"--sweats, comfy socks, beanies, blankets and more to support athletes artists musicians and anyone more concerned with DAYlife than nightlife as they rest, heal, reassess and recover. 


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