DAY 1 - 11th May


Today I noticed that I can accomplish anything if I put my heart and mind to it. Just as the Covid19 started, we all had to work from home and I was feeling so lethargic just working all day long and not getting my usual workout in (considering the gyms are closed). I decided to pop into youtube and search "Standing workout" and tapped into the shortest workout I can find to get started and I manage to complete that 10 minutes arm workout. I felt great, refreshed and accomplished that I didn't quit halfway - as much as I wanted to. Then I decided to pose a challenge to myself. There's a bunch of fitness challenge online that goes for 2 weeks to 30 days and I decided on a 10 min arm workout that goes on for 30 days. It was tough, the first time I tried it, my arms felt super heavy and I felt weak. But that just made me wanted to push myself even more. Day 1, became Day 7 and I'm soon at the end of Day 30. 
I can feel my arms getting toner by the week and I have so much more strength. Overall, I felt a sense of accomplishment. More so because I've made a "promise" to myself and stuck through it - the tone arms were an added bonus. 

I'm starting this 10 day challenge to push myself to the next level. I used to write diaries but I stopped about 2 years back and it's been hard getting back to the daily grind of doing so. But hey, if I can commit myself to a 30 day workout, what's a 10 day journalling challenge.