The city bustles with life as the people go about doing their daily activities which were trying as much as possible not to venture out of their homes. As the humans wonder when they will escape from their prison called homes and nature grasping back her right to stay. The animals frolic about on the road, the aquatic life nuzzling about under the sea with their daily activities and the trees growing back to their mature form. Is it really for a good turn or a worse turn? How can it be good, as the machines crawl through the city and the gods running rampant in the city. Each day, the machines stir to life and begin hunting food and finding shelter like any other normal animal apart from the fact that they are much more complex and sophisticated than an average animal which makes it a tonne more difficult for the humans to figure out on how to stop them. As for the gods, they are just people with great power and don't care about humans.

Amy and John, brother, and sister were trying to venture out of their homes to fetch supplies and provisions for their home.

"Isn't there any other way to escape from these monsters?" Amy said while loading her gun

"No Amy, we have no other way," John said as his eyes scanned around the surrounding trying to spot any sign of danger lurking about. It was during the night when they ventured out trying to be as stealthy as possible. Since the machines were sleeping, they were a little less worried. 

Suddenly, the wind took up and a strange light hovering in the distance which was now getting closer to them in a slow manner. A hypnotic tone filled the air which suddenly made John feel dizzy.

"John!, we have to get out here," Amy said as she tried to drag John away from the monster. 

"I must get to her," he said sluggishly.

Suddenly, another bright light came and intercepted the first light, shrill screams filled the air, and the sounds of blades clashing heard. Wierd.

 "What in the world is happening over there?" John asked as he rubbed his eyes like he had woken after a fitful sleep. 

"Oh! you broke the trance" Amy said with relief. For some seconds, she forgot about John wondering what just happened over there. 

Suddenly a burst of light appeared over the place of battle and was directly coming towards John.

"Get out of the way, John". John didn't hear her and stood there without seeing the light. 

Amy pushed John out of the path of trajectory but got herself in the path just when it hit her and she crumpled to the ground.

"Amy!, wake up, don't you dare leave me" John exclaimed.

He checked her pulse to find a faint pulse coming and a very high fever. John picked her up and rushed back home after getting supplies and provisions from the grocery. He laid Amy on the bed and put a wet cloth on her head. He sat with her for the full night checking her fever and treating her. 


"John?" Amy said weakly, as she looked to find where he was.

"How are you feeling?" John said as he cooked omelet.

He had bags under his eyes and his eyes were red and puffy. Was he crying, Amy thought.

"Thanks, sis for saving my life," John said with gratitude.

"You're welcome, John, I will always protect you with my life" Amy replied. She tried to get out of bed but John gently pushed her back to bed.

"You need rest sis," John said with concern. 

"I feel fine John" Amy replied. 

"Okay, but don't stress yourself, okay?" John said.

"Stop acting like mother John" Amy replied playfully as she gently pushed him out of bed. John smiled towards her, stood up, and walked towards the dining table.

Suddenly, Amy screamed with pain as she collapsed to the floor, her back bleeding with wounds

"Sis! what is happening?" John exclaimed as he rushed towards her, cradling her head on his lap. 

"You are going to be okay, don't worry," John said as he soothed her with sweet words. He glanced about scanning the surroundings to find something that can stop this. Amy continued to curl in a fetal position with what looks like feathers coming from her back.

"What's happening to you sis" John exclaimed as he fed her with pain killers. After what seemed like hours, Amy finally went into a fitful sleep with a surprise that was going to shock her to the bones with John staring in shock at what was before him.


"John, where are you," Amy asked as she woke up from her fitful sleep. She checked her surroundings to find lots of feathers in the room. Maybe they might have had a pillow fight but she couldn't remember what happened last night. All she could remember was that she collapsed to the floor and blanked out.

"Hey sis," John said as he was back in the kitchen cooking breakfast.

"Why are there a lot of feathers in the room?" Amy asked.

"I am wondering that for myself," John said.

"Did we play pillow fight or do something to spread all the feathers in the room. Amy stood up but couldn't. Something weighing tonnes and was bringing her down.

"John, can you help? I can't seem to stand up" Amy asked. John rushed towards her and pulled her up. John used all the energy he had to pull her up. Amy stumbled about as she tried to balance which was quite hard with massive wings sprouting from her back.

"Why am I feeling that something is being tied to my back," Amy asked. "About that, I think you should see this" John replied. He took his phone and took a picture of my back. He showed it to me and blinked my eyes to see if I am not hallucinating. 

"Why am I seeing wings attached to my back? is this some kind of joke?" Amy asked John.

"Well, you remember screaming and collapsing to the floor right, after that wings started sprouting from your back like a seedling, I had no idea on what to do so I gave you pain killers so that at least you have peaceful sleep" John replied.

Amy sat down on the sofa in shock and put her heads on her palms. She couldn't' believe what she was hearing, was it because of the light, maybe that was the reason, whatever the reason is, the process can't be undone. 

"It's okay sis, I think wings are cool," John said with encouragement

"Try flapping them," John said. 

Amy tried to flap them but couldn't, she concentrated a little more and finally made then to flap.

"I think we have a long way to go," John said with child-like enthusiasm