DATA SCIENCE for Engineers

DATA SCIENCE for Engineers - student project


Welcome to a course on Data Science. 

Data is everywhere, if you look around now, you will observe that the amount of digital data is increasing rapidly.  The words that you are reading are also considered data. With the boom of social networking sites like YouTube, Twitter, Instagram (just to name a few) the gates have opened to information, which have brought in an flux of content, which was no present 20 years ago. 

Data is just raw pieces of Information Science, but using a scientific method on a large chunk of data we can understand any action.  

To put it simply, data science is that field of science that will help us uncover a better understanding of activities taking place by using proven procedures on large amounts at data related to said activity or task.

This data is accumulated, arranged and analysed to examine its effect on businesses.

Thus Data Science is becoming the hottest topic learned and talked about in the 21st century. 

I would be teaching the basics in my first milestone. You can find the contents of it here. or see below.

Please note that the contents are only for the first half of this project, I would continue to teach this subject in depth after the completion of the first milestone (have a look at the concepts mentioned below), the details of the upcoming classes, the second milestone will be provided in one of the video classes from the first. It will also be attached here for convenience later. The classes do not end after the 9th video. There is more to the beginners lessons for Data Science.