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Sapho Dlangamandla

Creative Director at KANAKA design studio




DAPPER COLLECTIVE Supply CO. is a growing menswear brand from Johannesburg, South Africa. With the aim to make street wear that speaks to the guy who was never understood that guy who would rock a floral shirt at a funeral some called him weird even thou he looked good in it hence we believe its a collective effort we all are dope or dappper in our own right but we just need to come together and embrace eachother.

Our Vision:

Is to see everyone as equal and build a culture where peolpe are proud to be individuals and stand up for thier beliefs. Fashion  street wear being our platform to bring together like minded individuals who share the same passion.

This is the tee designs that we will be launching we want to get the name out 1st...in South Africa we have realised that people would like the know the name of the brand before purchasing the detailed product we might be wrong but ohwell its a learning curve.

 DAPPER COLLECTIVE Supply CO. logo tee 

 DAPPER COLLECTIVE  Black branded tee

3. DAPPER COLLECTIVE White branded tee

SUMMER 2013/14 Urban Paisley Print Collection 

We played around with Paisley Print which we love so much here are the looks from our 1st collection. Okay we busy putting together a proper look book this is me and my fone taking pics of the garments.



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