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Katrien Declerck

graphic designer




Hi all!

So, my name is Katrien, I have a small graphic design studio which I do "after hours" but I am also looking for a daytime job. Since I've lost my job last year I've had several issues going on .. with self-concidence for example. Also, I'm a chaotic person by myself and since the job is gone, the daily life structure has been gone with it. Right now I'm trying to get on track of everything and I hope this project will help.


Today, 3th of november I've started with the project. These are the results of the quiz.

I've installed todoist and right now I'm trying to get rid of tons of e-mails (1652?!). Whis me good luck! ;-)

2. SHITLOAD OF NOTES (5 november)

Emptying my 2 mailboxes .. I drop everything I still need in Evernote and Todoist. The concern I'm having right now is that, @ Evernote for example, I now have a shitload of "notes", not labeled or anything. I'm also unsubscribing newsletters as a mad one.

3. CHAOS (17 november)

My gmail inbox is empty! I still have some e-mails (+- 100) in my Apple Mail inbox but the main reason for that is I'm still working with Todoist and couldn't find an easy way to send mails to it. I'm now considering Things because they do have a plugin for Mail.

I find the whole system still very messy :-) but I haven't watched all videos yet. Also going through my Chrome bookmarks, there has exploded a bomb over there as well ..


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