DAMN Fine Wine

DAMN Fine Wine - student project

I want to pursue a brand idea I had while in school for a winery. I wanted to create something with a story behind it that seemed historic, fun and Canadian/west coast.  But most importantly I felt I wanted it to be bold.  

The brand name I came up with is 'DAMN Fine Wine'

I had decided early on to play off the word Damn vs Dam and use a Beaver as part of the story and brand.DAMN Fine Wine - image 1 - student project

Since I'm looking for a black and white newsprint kind of feel I felt this general concept is one I would move forward with.

So, this being a personal project I'll have to create my own story/history behind the brand.  I came up with a concept that I think would tie in well with the brand and the play on words.

The Story:  Long ago in the Okanogan Valley of Birtish Columbia a family started a winery.  Within the property of the winery was a beaver and it's dam which was slowing the water from the riverbed adjacent to the property. The family attempted to break down the dam and relocate the beaver, however it only took the beaver a coupe for days to work its way back to its home and rebuild its dam.  And so the beaver has been part of the DAMN family ever since....dammit.  Oh...and their wine, is damn fine!

For my mood boards I started to develop ideas behind bot. The brand and packaging.  As previously mentioned I would like a historic and vintage look that is bold.  I was also thinking wrapping the bottle in newsprint may also web a great way to package the product.

DAMN Fine Wine - image 2 - student projectLDAMN Fine Wine - image 3 - student project

I think I have an idea of the directions I would like to continue with and would like to try to determine a potential colour schemes.... I'm thinking black and white for now as it stands out and can reflect the newsprint aspect.  Although maybe a slight tone of colour (I'm Canadian we spell it with a u) :) would help. 

I've created some sketches and decided to try to push the concept of the beaver and the Canadiana aspect.  I felt I had two directions that seemed to work well but I thought one of them was a little too 'friendly' looking and not as iconic. The next stage will be for me to continue these chosen comps onto the template for the bottle and maybe at that point I'll be able to choose one over the other.DAMN Fine Wine - image 4 - student projectDAMN Fine Wine - image 5 - student project K, so now I've got (in my opinion) a good general direction to work with as far as the logo and character of the brand goes....Except I think it's too cute and still a little off...so I'm taking this a bit further.  Here is more progess from the weekend. Now I'm taking these sketches and am going to base my final design off them. DAMN Fine Wine - image 6 - student projectDAMN Fine Wine - image 7 - student projectDAMN Fine Wine - image 8 - student project

Now I'm looking for flaws within the design....obviously the wood from the beaver dam needs work and I feel like I can somehow simplify the beaver a bit further. I like the look and expression on the one above so I think I will roll with this design, but still add the organic and natural looking maple leaves as well. That being said....I need to look into typefaces and start determining the exact look I want to go for. Not sure if I will completely hand render all my lettering and text, but I may use typefaces that are currently available.  I refer to two great books when working with type I've posted a photo below for those who are interested...DAMN Fine Wine - image 9 - student project

Mahyar Saeedi
Freelance designer