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Sketching is something that I have recently picked up as a way to be more observant, play with color and enjoy the beauty that surrounds me. I'm excited to participate in the daily sketch challenge!

Day 1: Self-Portrait

My most defining feature is my curly hair and while it has a mind of its own, I wouldn't trade it for anything (at least I feel that way most of the time!)


Day 2: Trees.

I called this one "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn" after one of my favorite childhood books and because I chose to draw from my window in Brooklyn. This exercise made me realize how sad things can look, in this case something as simple as a tree, during the wintertime when they aren't in full bloom yet how detailed they are regardless of the season which always makes them beautiful. 


Day 3: Lunchtime

I happened to open up an email this morning from feedfeed.com about 'quick and easy weekday lunches" and because I make my lunch everyday I was inspired to come up with new recipes. I painted one that I am going to try to make tomorrow which sounds delicious - Tuna & Pickled Fennel With Mixed Greens & White Bean Spread On Ciabatta. My drawing came out a bit abstract but I enjoyed trying to find all of the various lines and notice the shading that occured in the photograph.


Day 4: Building

I drew this picture from my home to the roofs of everyone else's that I see around me. It was my best attempt at a birds eye view although it feels a bit like an optical illusion because it is hard to find the starting point - will definitely need to work on drawing perspective!


Day 5: Fruit

I went away for the weekend and did not actually buy fruit for the house I was staying in - lets just say it wasn't the healthiest of vacations. But like any good getaway shared house we had lots of games including bananagrams, so I chose to draw this game as my fruit for the mind and soul even if it wasn't for the body.


Day 6: Books

I chose to draw one of my favorite books as a child that I actually recently gifted to a friend of mine who just had a baby - Where the Sidewalk Ends by Shel Silverstein. This book turned out to be a perfect drawing to practice with a pen although not as easy as I thought it would be!


Day 7: Drink

I love a good glass of red wine and I actually joined a friend tonight that I hadn't seen in a while for a drink which is why I chose to quickly sketch one when I got home. This specific glass that I drew has a B for Ball which was a birthday gift from a friend. Not my best drawing but I didn't want to skip a day!


Day 8: Shoes

This was my first time experimenting with my new watercolor set that just arrived! I probably had the most fun create a 12x12 color chart but enjoyed painting the shoes as well. I was looking for a pair of shoes to wear to my first day of work at a new job and saw these iconic shoes from Sex and The City and was inspired to paint them because of the rich blue color and detail.


Day 9: Clothing

I was recently in Brazil and found a new designer Lenny Niemeyer and fell in love with her clothing. This one dress in particular inspired me becaue of the fabril colors and the way it flowed. 



Day 10: Appliance

My favorite appliance in my apartment is my sodastreat - I grew up drinking seltzer with every meal and the minute the sodastream came out, I bought it. As an early adopter, I can't wait to see what the next model looks like!


Day 11: Vegetable

I love that nowadays you can get vegetables in all sorts of colors - including purple! I painted a purple cauliflower that is acutally sold at my local farmers market and while it doesn't exactly taste any different than a white cauliflower it looks a lot prettier on the dinner table.


Day 12: Things you collect

I went to my first NHL game tonight where they gave out BOBBLEHEADS! And while I don't collect bobbleheads I might have to start! He is a little out of proportion, especially the head but I guess that is the beauty of drawing a bobblehead.


Day 13: Family

Everyone always says you can't tell where one curl starts and the other one ends with my family of 4! I hope I captured that in this sketch.


Day 14: Materials

I see color when I sketch - I just created this color chart today so I will share it as my sketch of the day but it is pretty amazing the different colors that can be created using a water color set of 12 individual paints. It helps you see the world in an entirely different way or shading and colors and light.



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