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DAF: A crafts and design lifestyle.

I started this class because a month ago I decided to start officially my blog. 

I was selling my crafts with facebook and friends, but I then I noticed that I enjoyed more to teach how to do them and help my friends to build their own pages and sites to sell, so that was my turning point. I must confess that I am scared to build it, because I want it to be a profitable blog, profesional and I want to resign to my actual job in order to keep working on it, so I am studying all that I can so I could be prepare to do the jump. 

I want to see the people to succeed, and find their own paths with the crafts and design. The name is in spanish, so the acronym is too. (DAF: Diseño, artesanías y fotografía).

Why do I cover photography too? Because is part of the selling, if you want your client to fall in love with your product, you have to know how to take the best picture of it. 

Going no further, I left here my proyect. 

¡Thanks for the class, I found it very informative and with perfect content!




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