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D.I.Y. Watercolor Palettes ***PUBLISHED***

My Class is now Published! <=== Click to see it!

Class Description

Want to jumpstart your journey with travel watercolors? Envious of those cute watercolors you see in Instagram pictures?

Join watercolor artist Allana Pierce as she takes you through planning and creating your first travel watercolor palette. Lessons include:

  • Tips on color selection
  • Hints for newbies to tube watercolor
  • Creating a watercolor key
  • 3 techniques for inexpensive, customizable watercolor palettes

Whether you are a complete watercolor newbie or are looking for a way to take you paints out of the studio, this class will point you in the right direction.

Materials Needed:

Option 1:

  • Altoids or similarly shaped tin
  • tube watercolors
  • Gum wrapper

Option 2:

  • Altoids or other tin
  • tube watercolors
  • magnetic tape
  • empty half-pans

Option 3:

  • Altoids or other tin
  • tube watercolors
  • polymer clay (i.e. sculpey)
  • oven
  • white enamel paint or gesso

*6/1*  I'm planning to teach a class with three techniques for making a watercolor palette out of an Altoids (or similar) tin.


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