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D. Enriquez: Brand name/Slogan

Designer/Founder: Denise Enriquez

Location: Salinas, California

Brand Name: D. Enriquez     Slogan: Haute Steez



 Customer Profile:

DEMOGRAPHIC: Female. Male. Single or married. Has 0-2 kids. Age 21-30. Race: global. Speaks at least two languages. College graduate; studying to achieve MAsters degree/PHD. Works ata department store, siper market, Entrepenuer, artist. Has an internship. Manages a blog, twitter, instagram, facebook account. Uses Myspce for music. HAs an email account. Pays rent.

GEOGRAPHIC: Urban city. Young digerati. Mix family.

PSYCHOGRAPHIC: "How i spend time is more important than money" Independent living or has at least one roommate. Has at least one tatto or none. Attends music festivals/galleries/museums with friends and or family members (has a museum membership) Goes to dj sets/nightclubs. Is involved or attends poetry slams. Plays at least one sport or watches it on television. Owns an instrument. Growing, learning/adapting to become well grounded culturally. From a family household of 1-8 persons. Goes grocery shopping with coupons. Shops at farmers markets. Rides the public transportation. Does Zumba, yoga. Volunteers: Boys&Girls club, after school recreational centers. Supports school events/community events. Has a membership to get her eye brows threaded. Excercises at least 3 days a week. HAs picnics with friends/family. Enjoys eating foreign foods. Tries new reciepes found online or through articles.

SHOPPING HABITS: Doesn't mind spending money when he/she knows they are getting quality in the product. Looks for durability, fit, style/cut, and print/patterns. Shops online or through phone. Member of the Cold Stone Creamery birthday club. BUys cd's. HAs a PAndora account. Shops at flea markets/thrift stores. Prefers to pay with debit card.

MEDIA INFLUENCES: Watches the morning news for the weather. Reads the weekly newspapers. WAtches MTV, BET, VH1, Lifetime, the Discovery channel, COmedy central, FuseTv, Food Network, has a netflix account.  YouTube, Downloads music from Datpiff.com, Livemixtapes.com. Uses Bing.Google. REads and collects magazines.

D.Enriquez customer acts on life before life starts to act on them. Adventerous. HAs an awareness about different cultures and ethnicities, Rawthentically living. HAs steady morals holding their ground. Edgy classic style. Always open to learn, asking questions to keep her imaginatioon alive and vivid. A keen leader, learns from their mistakes. Athletic. D.Enriquez is patiently creating blueprints of textured designs.

Concept/Theme: For the season Fall/Winter 2014, luxurie wear or Haute Steez lifestyle clothing is constructed inspired by Jazz Rap. Through research on the origins of Jazz and listening to Jazz Rap artist such as A Tribe Called Quest and emcee Guru, brand 'D. Enriquez' includes Fall/Winter with cut-and-sew details with lime green top stitching. Jazz musicians dressed the part as they 'dressed to impress' with tailored suits and pinstrips as Jazz Rap was influences with freestyle leisure wear. You will find D. Enriquez, consisting of light weight luxurie fabrics (i.e. suede, denim, knits, and novelty) and cross between loud and old fashion color scheme; concentrating on fitted silhouettes.

Merchandise: I'm stressing out about this apparently i can't upload my illustrator files to the "upload photo" option. If there's an email i can send them to I be thankful and would be amazing for me inorder to get this working. If there's an email i can send the merchandise plan to email [email protected]


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