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Alba Herrera




D Project

Unit 2: Refining

So hard for me to make this unit. I need to practice more with this kind of things. Refining but without details it's so hard. I'm always thinking in details and probably I made a mistake in my refining...

Unit 1: Thumbnails

So late, but at last I started the class!! I'm sorry if my english isn't very good.

So hard to make this thumbs!! It takes me days and days trying to make some...acceptable. Finally I made 2 images with 12 thumbs on it. I made it with two different brushes.

Oh, there are villagers/peasants =P

These firsts 12 sucks a little... I don't like it very much.

These other 12 like much than the other, but I don't know. I need A LOT of work here, and try, and try again XD

Thanks a lot for your critics in advance =)


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