D + L

D + L - student project

I didn't have any lettering on hand that I thought would translate well into this, so I threw some letters together as something goofy to send my SO later.  It's not the smoothest or my best work, but since I was doing this during lulls at work to learn the technique, I was content and ready to practice the shading!


Since I never stick with the colors I start with (I should just start working on things in grayscale initially!), I started with lighter colors on a lighter background.  I originally had this as my completed project.

D + L - image 1 - student project


Thought it was pretty rad and I was happy with my work!  However, as I started to look more at other finished projects, I noticed I really like the way others' have used bright colors on a dark background.  So I shifted my background, threw a light texture on it, and made my letter colors more bold.

D + L - image 2 - student project


I'm honestly not sure which I like more! I suppose I lean a bit towards the darker background, but overall I'm pleased with both.  Looking forward to applying this effect in projects in the future!


Thanks for another great class Jamie!  I appreciate that not only do I learn new techniques in the classes you offer, but I also learn new ways of doing things!  I've been doing some things the difficult way, but I'm learning new things with every clip! (: