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Charlie Graveson

20 Y.o Keen design student, London Uk.



Czechoslovakian, Match box label

Used Adobe Illustrator in the past, but really wanted a brush up, and a little more depth into the tools and shorcuts in avaible cs6.

I've always had a interest in vintage match box labels, love the concept of having such a small ad on such, what was, back then an everyday, compact object, I think due to the art infulences of the time, size and printing methods avaible in times gone by the ad's had to remain quite simple, in both terms of shape's and limited colour pallets. 

Some think I believe gave way to a very charming graphic style. After scrolling pinterest I came across a few Czechoslovakian ad's, from "Akce Z" they are from the time of the communist party, and they are encouging people to take care of there enviroment, plant tree's pick up litter ect.

Here is the one I hoped to replicate in illustrator -

The main part I wanted to focus on was adding texture at the end, I learnt a lot of unespected new thing about type, kerning ect, that I have never looked into. 

I found the short cuts hard to remember at first but heavily sped up the build of the image.


Here is my replicated image, I chose to add a grainy texture and use a gradient in the sky (simply so that I could use what I leant about gradients in the project. I also have a old paper texture cliped over the image to add effect, but I think it darkens the image a bit to much, here is the image without the paper texture, and just the grain, I will have some more matchbox ad's coming soon, hopefully with better colour matching, but I am pleased with this first try. 


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