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Rosemary Snyder

Lead Interactive Designer



Cycling in Boston

As a cyclist living in Boston, I have seen major efforts to make Boston a bike friendly city in the past several years. Mayor Menino has declared that, "the car is no longer king" in terms of public spending for infrastructure in the city. Miles of new bike lanes and a bike sharing service called Hubway have been installed.  These measures have proven wildly popular and successful; way more than expected.

On the other hand, I have witnessed an increasing hatred of cyclists by motorists.  There have been incidents of motorists deliberately running cyclists off the road or shouting at cyclists or throwing things from cars. Motorists seem to be unaware of new changes in traffic laws regarding cyclists, such as the ability to take up the whole lane by a cyclist, or that riding two across is now legal. There have been several deaths of cyclists at the hands of motorists and yet there have been no arrests or convictions. Police seem to write reports to put the motorists in a favorable light, even when they were at fault.  

I wanted to bring attention to both the good and bad sides of this story to bring awareness to the situation. I am collecting both traffic statistics and Hubway membership numbers, etc. to illustrate the current state of cycling in Boston.


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