Cycle - student project

I really enjoyed this class! I found it gave me license to try a "style" and method I would have not other wise. I enjoyed the process of using inks and graphite, then scanning them in to create a collage. I followed Roman's process really closely, so I think the work I made might be too derivative to actually use, however I have some new tools and tricks to try. 

I imagined "before and after" as more of an infinite loop of befores and afters, and translated it to "cycle". From there I thought about breathing as a cycle; your present breath is always before the next and after the last. From there I thought about spinning, going around and around, and really liked the image of whirling Derishes who practice meditation through their movement. Maybe it's a bit of a stretch conceptually...

Some sketches:

Cycle - image 1 - student project

Cycle - image 2 - student project

Like Roman, I tried 3 different methods, ink with the figure in negative space, pencil, and ink with pencil.

Here's a sample of the inking:

Cycle - image 3 - student project

Here are the 3 pieces I tried:

1. Ink w/ negative space

Cycle - image 4 - student project

2. Ink and pencil

Cycle - image 5 - student project

3. Pencil

Cycle - image 6 - student project

I think I like 1 and 3 the best, but 1 was too close to Roman's project.

I'd appreciate any feedback or critique that anyone has to give! Thanks :)!