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Cycle Chic

December 4:

This summer, I was gifted a beautiful, light blue 1972 Women's Schwinn Suburban. Finally having a partner in crime, my husband got his bike down out of the rafters. We cleaned the chains and filled the tires, and soon we were taking every chance possible to get out and ride. Now that we're certain it wasn't just a fling, I feel comfortable putting some much needed updating into the bike. While it mainly needs some tuning up and new wheels, I'm also exploring some visual updates like paint, a new seat, and some storage space. Ok, let's be honest, I'm actually exploring getting rid of my car and house to travel the world on my bicycle. 

Enter moodboard! 

December 10: Got my moodboard all set up:

December 11: Moodboard complete! See it full size and read all about it on my blog:


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