#CycSatellites:A project revolutionizing fashion industry via upcycling

#CycSatellites:A project revolutionizing fashion industry via upcycling - student project

this is LU Min, founder of LittleDesignSolution|立特方典.

After 26 years of work in fashion industry, Me and my team now had designed and developed the whole new system base on human-centered up cycling design technique, to redesign fashion inventories and dead stocks into new collection. Redesigning not only fashion styles but also the system of circular fashion, our concept creates more jobs, locks down the quantities of newly made products and increases the income level of local communities. 

Here is the link of our YouTube page:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWyd_E29MnvgYiqJVa98OQA

#CycSatellites:A project revolutionizing fashion industry via upcycling - image 1 - student project

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We made this video to introduce our project before the pandemic. We have recently found that #CycSatellites could significant help fashion industry recover from the impact of the outbreak. 



LittleDesignSolution|立特方典 offers sustainable design solution to fashion and design companies. It also provides education programs to help young designers and industry professionals transform their mindset towards eco design. The recent development is #CycSatellites, a project which created to help companies on generating more profits from dead stocks and inventories; to help designers setting up much creative and profitable business, and to help manufacture base increasing profit margins. The project comes with series of online class from SchoolOf|思故 and free accelerative support from LittleDesignSolution|立特方典。

The 10 episodes of course introduction of SchoolOf|Sustainable Design Practice have fully uploaded as of today. During these period of time, while we were in production of our class subjects, we have also started the test drive with our partners from supply chain, corporation, manufactures and social enterprises. We've gotten the full supports such as Savvy Exchanger to donate second hand garments for design demos at Home Sweet Home, and the Support of the Home Sweet Home teams and Gerie to test the possibility of making within different production setups.

While we collaborate with the industry to establish #CycSatellites as an industrial solution of up cycling projects. We organize up cycling workshops to educate consumers, some on going workshops had also engaged more Chinese Audience on this subject and get involved in up cycling design. The goals of up cycling isn't just a solution of second hand up grading, but the mindset transformation is indeed needed. Unlike the other sustainability activists, our focus is to offer solution to contain the total quantity of products yet maintain the availability of new products. Where the products are, where the jobs are, we believe that the worst time of fashion can also bring the best time of creativities! 

Here are some answers to the popular questions. 

Why do you call it #CycSatellites?

Because we want to bring more jobs to designers and labor workers.

What does sustainability means to you?

To contain the increasing of New Products which created from linear based fashion  process.

Do you think that Fast Fashion to Slow fashion is the only solution?

In Chinese philosophy, whichever exist have a reason to exist. So wherever demands are, whichever products available. My questions is Who is one that demand more? consumers or companies? or both?

Do you think that we should stop consumerism?

Not necessarily, the good consumerism encourages better creativities.

#CycSatellites:A project revolutionizing fashion industry via upcycling - image 2 - student project


We have also made contents in Chinese to help the locals.

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