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Cyberpunk Merchant

First step are the thumbnails. I decided to go with the cyberpunk theme, because I haven't really done much in that genre in the past, so I thought it would be quite fun to explore.

Second stage is refining thumbnails. I just basically followed the tutorial but instead of painting value straight away I did a quick line sketch first. This is because I find easier to design like that. If I work fast I find that these lines can add as much suggested detail as any other method. I tend to erase and re-draw a lot to explore different shapes. The anatomy is a bit funny here and there, but that will all be fixed before the next stage kicks in.

For the next step I found that the third thumbnail resonates the most with me, so I went with that one. I just love how the character can grow and change as the process goes along. he started off as a goofy overweight kid and grew up to be a very powerful looking man. I came back to Charlie's method of just painting, and I gotta say it is so much better. I realised that I was constricting myself with lines, so it was time to get out of my comfort zone and to try this method. I loved it. Shapes just popped out at me and I went with the flow. Here is the result.


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