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Cyberpunk Character

This has become a drawn out process to get some thumbnails for my cyberpunk character concept. I can't say I just banged these out in one sitting since work and life get in the way, I did maybe a couple at a time. Sometimes not coming back to this for days.

I tend to detail a fair bit (probably too much) in my thumbnail process. Looking more for an interesting combination of shapes and silhouette other than just a pose.

Can't wait to pick out the ones I'll develop further.


So I picked out a few but these were the ones I wanted to refine further.


So I went ahead and went with the one on the left because I liked how much more dynamic the pose is and how much action it represents. I split it up making defferent characteristics between the three and eventually after bouncing from one to the other, decided on the one on the far right as what I wanted to continue with.


So working from the variation I liked the best, I went back and tried to resketch out some things to make the anatomy and proportions work a little better. Then went straight for the details and finished with this value render. I'm looking forward to adding some color to it and fleshing out more details.


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