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Geoff Cwiklewich

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Cwiklewich. How do you say that?

First of all, it's pronounced Swi-clou-wich. It's a question that I still contiued to get asked.

We a still a fairly new family to Canada. I am only the second generation and the history before that is not all that well documented. We are of a strong, stubborn Ukrainian stock hailing from a pre-World War I region of Eastern Europe known as Galacia. My great-grandfather came to Canada in 1925 and his family followed in 1926.

From there the Cwiklewich's moved westward to the prairies, where farming was the game.

The following are just a small samling of the travel documents I was able to find of my family's departure and arrival to Canada from Europe.

The Process

After some research, which include a three hour video of my great-grandfather talking about life in the old country and coming to Canada, I begane to sketch out some ideas. 

The Results

  • The shafts of grain represent the farming history of the family not only here in Canada, but also in the old country.
  • The hammers are for the craftmen of the family that include my dad and great-grandfather.
  • The wrenches are in honour of my grandfather who was a mechanic.
  • The ykp and maple leaf represent the fact that we are Ukrainian Canadians.
  • And of course, the choosen motto: "How do you say that?" The life-long infamous question that continues to be asked to this day.
  • The colours choosen are in homage to the old country. 

Other Applications

Version 2

After some time away from this project I came back to it with fresh eyes. I started looking at another way to present the elements mentioned above and the following is the result.

This approach is simpler and very much focused on one colour. There is an additional element added (the pitchfork) further honouring the farming tradition that was with my family.

T-Shirt Application



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