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Cuz It's Worth It


Background: I tend to gravitate towards quality products when shopping - I guess I just enjoy the finer things in life! But as a self-proclaimed utilitarian - I wanted to applied my same instinct to products that I (or others) could use frequently in daily life.

If you're unfamiliar with the Amazon Affiliate program, it's pretty simple - if I refer a user from my site to purchase products at Amazon, I get a 4%+ cut of the sale.

Amazon Referral Rates

Objective: Share great products that improve daily life in a simple, short, and friendly manner.

Market: Men (20-40) with disposable income ...

  1. An interest in high-quality products
  2. Most likely a bachelor (?) This is a gut feeling - we'll see.
  • While all the products I research, review, and post may not be gender specific - the appearance of the website and general styling is somewhat masculine.

Implementation Goals (end of November):

  • MailChimp: Implement newsletter sign-ups in a clean and non-intrusive manner (thinking a simple and easy to 'X' out modal box) (www.mailchimp.com)
  • AddThis: Add social media sharing buttons on product review pages (www.addthis.com)

Growth Goals (end of December): Have yet to start hustling on social media. Looking for solid growth (esp. on Twitter). Currently only have tid bits of traffic from friends I mention that I'm working on this project to. Once I implement MailChimp sign-ups and AddThis share buttons, I'm putting 100% effort into growth right before/during holiday shopping.


  • Facebook/Twitter: I believe Twitter will be my primary source of traffic and engagement. By following trends, hashtagging, and following high-quality products/companies - I hope to start some minor growth. Additionally, I'd like to @mention the product's or company's Twitter with my tweets featuring my review. I want to apply a lot of the same practices and engage with users on Facebook as well and compare success on each channel.
  • Pinterest: Not sure if this is a worthwhile way to spend my time - Pinterest is commonly used by middle-aged women, but... Pinterest is a great way to find and share awesome stuff. Even if I don't use Pinterest to drive much traffic, I think I will find new products to research, review, and post.
  • MailChimp: For the users that do want their inboxes flooded - I want to send out a newsletter every other week (or maybe even month) - and simply highlight some of the popular / good selling products of recent.

Engagement: I would like to feature 'fan reviews' - where a Facebook/Twitter follower or frequent visitor could share some product(s) that they think would be a great addition to the CuzItsWorth.It page.

Competition: There's tons of Amazon Affiliate sites on the web. Some are more niche than others. One in particular targets my same demographic, but with an interest in more tech/gadget/geeky products, is ShutUpAndTakeMyMoney.com - They are an Amazon Affiliate site built on Wordpress and also feature a local shopping cart for particular products.

What's In It For Me?

  • Money. Obviously. But I don't see this being my primary income, but rather a supplement to it. If I made $1,000 / month, I'd be ecstatic. If growth takes me beyond that, that'd be pretty cool, too.
  • Learning. I built CuzItsWorth.It on the Ghost blogging platform (www.ghost.org) - which is more difficult than Wordpress to set up - but isn't cluttered or dated. I'm learning some JavaScript/jQuery and current best practices for maintaining websites. Additionally, I'm practicing writing (reviewing products) and hoping to learn effective techniques for social media growth and engagement.
  • Sharing. When I find great stuff, I want to share it with all my friends. The human race creates some pretty amazing stuff - and it'd be a shame if modern society wasn't able to experience just a few more of the great things we've created!


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